About our courses -

Our Vision - We aim the courses within this school mainly to the age group preparing to leave school (14/15 year olds) and through to students within their early 20's, the courses are aimed to give a good general knowledge to the student so they can use the information and knowledge gained to map out their future career.

The courses can be used to help with general knowledge for the students to apply to their own horses. The courses can generally be used by anyone with a general interest in horses to expand their own knowledge.

Enrolment is FREE, each course is individually priced and payment in needed to access the information within each course.

We have designed a series of courses so that the student can pick & choose which subjects they would like to cover. The content is designed to give the student a basic view on the subject covered.

** Here is a current list of educational courses which will soon be available as part of our ‘back to basic’s’ series by Pioneer Equestrian Education **

(Please note there maybe some change to course titles as they are written and published)

·The Horse Basic’s

·Behaviour Basic’s


·Anatomy & Physiology – The basic’s


·Foot Care

·Diet Complications

·Different disciplines that uses a horse

·Horse Maintenance

·Common diseases

·More complex Health Issues – The basic’s

·Foaling/Youngstock – The basic’s

·Transporting horses

·Driving horses

·Feed Supplements – Different types & what they are for

·Holistic’s – A basic view looking a natural food, remedies and brief view of training

·Basic guide to various equipment

·First Aid & Bandaging – The basic’s

·Passports – Why they are a legal requirement

Please remember that within the equestrian & veterinary industries there are many people with different views and opinions about the subjects covered. What is written in these courses is the knowledge and experience of our author/course tutor Kirsty Craigie.

The courses will contain sub-sections from the main subject and at the end of each course will be a multiple choice test section which will show your understanding and knowledge of the course content. The student will need to pass (by 65% and over) to obtain a certificate of course completion. (The test can be taken multiple times)

The certificate will be sent through the post upon course completion (please remember to add your address details when enrolling) and can be used to support further education or more complex courses within these subject area's.

We hope you enjoy the courses provided here on our website.